Contest Rules

Contest Rules

  1. It’s a free baby photo contest website for Babies.
  2. Entries are open for Babies. Their age should be of upto 12 years (0-12 years old only)
  3. Your friends and family members can vote after every 1 Hour at,  Access to vote will be controlled by a countdown timer.
  4. Result will be display in the result page, to check the result click on result button.

Note : Top 3 participants must fulfill the criteria to get prizes & reward 

  1. Only Top-3 Contestant will be rewarded as a winner.
  2. In order to win the first place in the competition, the participant must have more than 5000+ votes.
  3. To win second place, the participant must have more than 3000+ votes.
  4. To win Third place in the competition, the participant must have more than 2000+ votes.
  5. If a participant does not fall within the voting criteria, then the participant will have to achieve at least 2000+ in order to become a winner. And these winners will be awarded with voluntary reward.
  6. The value of the prize money has not been ensured in advance. Do not participate in greed of reward.
  7. Winner will be selected on the behalf of final votes.

Voting Protection

  1. If we detect any suspicious activity like trying to win the contest using fake/spammed votes then entry will be blocked without any prior warning/notice and will be removed from final results.
  2. We have Multiple Layer of voting protection :-
    a. IP address check
    b. Unique ID for each vote
    c. Javascript
    d. User ID
    e. Cookies
    f. Email confirmation
    g. Disposable email domain checker
    h. PHP